Internship Opportunities

Training the next generation of lawyers and professionals

Since our founding, the Crag Law Center has hosted volunteers from all walks of life. For our summer program, Crag takes on up to four student interns from law schools across the United States.  We rely heavily on the help from volunteers to accomplish our mission.  Crag Law Center interns have gone on to develop successful careers in the public interest


During the School Year – On an ongoing basis, Crag accepts inquiries from interns for volunteer opportunities during the school year.  Crag encourages students to get in touch with us before the semester (ideally 3 months) in which you would like to intern with Crag.  For example, for internships in the fall you should contact Crag in the beginning of the summer.   That being said, you are welcome to check with us at any time to see if we have a slot available.

Summer Associate Program
– The Crag Law Center’s Summer Associate program typically draws five law students from different law schools. Each associate is assigned projects based on their experience before law school. Our summer students have written briefs for federal courts, met with state agencies and worked directly with clients on their cases. Our clerks have gone on to work across the country for environmental organizations, putting their skills to work in other communities. Crag helps students with a passion for conservation find avenues to incorporate their ideals into their legal work. Crag trains students to continue the important legal work for ongoing environmental preservation.

Summer Undergraduate Internships – For the summer, Crag typically has one internship slot available for an undergraduate student.  Undergraduate applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as they are interested.