Since our founding in 2001, Crag has worked to protect the environmental legacy of the Pacific Northwest. Below are some of Crag’s most notable and important victories of the last 11 years:


Groundbreaking Forest Roads Win: Crag wins landmark Ninth Circuit victory for clean water and native salmon. The court’s unanimous decision requires timber companies to comply with the Clean Water Act for their logging road pollution.

Climate Case Filed Against Oregon: Crag launches cutting edge public trust suit on behalf of local children against the State of Oregon for its failure to respond to the threat of climate change.

Tongass Wolves and Old-Growth Saved: Crag protects over 1,500 acres of the most magnificent old-growth rainforests remaining in the United States, preserving irreplaceable habitat for the rare Alexander Archipelago wolf.


Bradwood LNG Terminal Halted: Crag wins Court of Appeals victory for protecting the lower Columbia River estuary from the Bradwood LNG terminal on behalf of the Columbia Riverkeeper.

Another Victory Working With Arctic Communities on Off Shore Drilling: Crag and its clients prevail.

Stormwater Pollution Prevented: Crag settles two Clean Water Act cases, protecting water quality in the Columbia River.

Measure 37 Success: Crag wins precedent-setting land use case protecting Oregon’s prime farmland from sprawl which has a domino effect on over a dozen cases challenging rural subdivisions and strip malls on resource lands.


Mt. Hood Wild and Free: Crag helps usher Mt. Hood Wilderness legislation through Congress and to President Obama’s desk, putting in place the settlement to protect Cooper Spur.

Tackling Ocean Acidification: Crag brings first ever case addressing the threat from ocean acidification. The case settles, resulting in nationwide guidance from the EPA to address the issue under the Clean Water Act.

Livability for Bandon Residents: Crag stops high-density residential development on the banks of the Coquille River near Bandon, Oregon, protecting wildlife habitat and water resources.

Environmental Justice for Vancouver Residents: Crag wins landmark environmental justice case under the Civil Rights Act for Rosemere residents subject to discrimination and retaliation.


Shell Blocked from Alaska’s Arctic Oceans: Crag shuts down Shell’s offshore oil drilling in the Arctic to protect the subsistence hunting and fishing grounds of the Inupiat Eskimos.


Roadless Wildlands Protected: Crag halts logging on steep slopes in the Umatilla National Forest and secures additional protection for millions of acres of roadless wildlands in Oregon and Washington.

Hemlock Dam Torn Down: Crag helps fend off a challenge to the proposed removal of a dam in the Columbia River Gorge. The dam is torn down and 15 miles of wild steelhead habitat is restored.


Oregon Old-Growth Saved: Crag stops plans by the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service to log old-growth forests in Southern Oregon and in Eastern Oregon’s Blue Mountains.

Program Hatched to Defend Oregon’s Coast: Crag and the Oregon Shores Coalition launch the Coastal Law Project to protect clean water and the livability of coastal communities.

Probing Forest Road Pollution: Crag initiates strategy to protect Oregon’s coastal rivers and streams from road pollution caused by the timber industry. This significant source of pollution has been long overlooked by regulators.


Battle against Measure 37: On behalf of local landowners, Crag files dozens of suits to protect Oregon’s farmlands, forestlands and water supplies from over 250 strip malls, subdivisions and gravel mines proposed under Measure 37.

Let the River Flow: Crag wins Oregon Court of Appeals victory protecting the water flow in the Deschutes River.


Victory for Mt. Hood: Crag wins key victory in the Oregon Court of Appeals against the illegal land trade on the North Side of Mt. Hood

Environmental Justice Project Unveiled: Crag expands its service for under-served communities and begins work on civil rights and environmental protection.


Old-Growth Protected: Crag wins court victories preserving old-growth forests, native trout, and local wildlife on thousands of acres of public lands in the Mt. Hood, Willamette and Gifford Pinchot National Forests.


The Battle for Mt. Hood Begins: Working with a diverse coalition of conservation groups, Crag launches a multi-pronged legal strategy to protect the North side of Mt. Hood at Cooper Spur and the Crystal Springs watershed from illegal logging and an exclusive resort development.


Old-Growth Protection Program Launched: Crag files lawsuits to protect critical old-growth forests in Oregon and Washington

McDonald’s Stopped: Aligning with independent businesses, Crag stops a McDonald’s fast-food drive-through from taking over pedestrian-friendly Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland

Salmon, Water and Wetlands Program Up and Running: Crag settles first Clean Water Act enforcement case preventing pollution from fouling Oregon’s Rogue River.