Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon

Crag’s Livable Communities program works to preserve those places where Pacific Northwesterners live, work and play.  The Livable Communities Program began in 2001 when local residents in Hood River County and conservation groups took a project working to protect the North side of Mt. Hood at Cooper Spur. Since then Crag’s clients have worked to protect communities from unsustainable development that could damage the scenic beauty, local environment, and character of population centers across the region.

With a history of successes throughout Oregon, Washington and Alaska, the Crag Law Center currently aims to expand the Livable Communities Project even further in the future, especially in the three main project areas: Environmental Justice, the Coastal Law Project, and Land Use.

Current Cases:

Supreme Court Clarifies Public’s Right to Enforce Land Use Laws

Supreme Court Clarifies Public’s Right to Enforce Land Use Laws

Oregon Supreme Court sided with local citizens who sought to the public’s right to enforce land use laws when a local County government failed to uphold its own land use laws. Jackson County had allowed an unlawful asphalt plan to continue to operate near a retirement community and Crag Law Center stepped in to protect the community.

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Past Accomplishments:

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