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Oregon’s coast is the pride of the state, and a national treasure, but it is under immense threat from developers and resource extraction schemes. Several current development proposals could damage or destroy coastal wetlands, estuaries and rivers critical to native birds, fish and plants.
The Coastal Law Project – Investing in the future of the Oregon Coast

The Crag Law Center represents the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition and local citizens through a collaborative partnership to ensure the coast’s natural environment remains pristine and accessible for years to come. Oregon Shores brings thirty years of experience in coastal conservation, while the Crag Law Center is contributing its expertise in advocacy and law to find solutions to these issues.

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The Future of Our Coast

The Future of Our Coast

What will Oregon's beaches and coastal communities look like in 100 years? How will storm surge and sea level rise impact building flooding? Erosion? Beach access? How would that future change if we were to adopt different land use management policies now? Yesterday I...

Is LNG Right for Oregon?

Is LNG Right for Oregon?

After an explosion at a natural gas processing facility on the Columbia River this week, the question everyone has been asking seems ever more pressing: is LNG right for Oregon?  A blast at a Plymouth, Washington facility caused injury to five workers and evacuation...

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