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The Pacific Northwest has a rich history of public land use. Much of the land in the Oregon, Washington, California and Alaska area is owned by the public and managed by federal and state government agencies to provide a wide range of goods and services such as clean drinking water and unparalleled hunting and fishing opportunities. Though the land provides so much for us, the misuse of this public resource can be devastating to water supplies, wildlife, the natural ecology and the way of life that so many in the region enjoy. The Crag Law Center launched its Public Lands Program in 2001 with a focus on representing conservation groups and local citizens who are working for sustainable land management.  Crag’s clients and partners work to protect the Cascade Mountains, the region’s forests and wildlife, and to develop practices to help cope with climate change. All too often, short term economic and corporate interests trump the long-term thinking needed to maintain our scenic views, pristine wildlife, clean air and water, and the continued economic diversity of our public lands.

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