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Oregon SalmonThe state of Oregon is renowned for its native fish populations; its rivers and streams once teamed with millions of trout and salmon of all shapes and sizes.  Now, however, our water contains just a fraction of the fishery that once was.  It has been a decades-long struggle to protect fish populations, which still face threats of extinction from rising water temperatures, pollution, dams and drought.  Crag Law Center’s clients seek to maintain healthy ecosystems in Oregon’s rivers and on the coast through a variety of projects.

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Plan to Clearcut Tongass Old Growth Halted

Plan to Clearcut Tongass Old Growth Halted

The Alaska Regional Forester has put a major logging project in the Tongass National Forest on hold, in response to administrative objections filed by Crag's clients.  The Saddle Lakes Timber Sale, located near Ketchikan on Revillagigedo Island, called for about 50...



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