In 2005, the Hood River Valley Residents Committee and its allies in the Cooper Spur Wild & Free Coalition reached a historic settlement that provided for the designation of additional Wilderness on Mt. Hood and special protections for the Crystal Springs Watershed.  The media coverage on the Mt. Hood Wilderness was extensive and the coverage is provided here for your reference.

Public Lands – Cascade Peaks Protection – Mt. Hood

2007.05.2, OPB– Senate Moves Forward Wilderness Bill – Tilly Jane to Be Protected (Audio-MP3)

2006.04.7, The Oregonian — Blumenauer, Walden foresee Mount Hood plan passage (PDF)

2007.02.15, The Oregonian — Lawmakers Reintroduce Mt. Hood Wilderness Bill (PDF)

2005.09.29, Hood River News — Governor supports Mount Hood compromise (PDF 115kb)

2005.08.18, The Oregonian — Mission: To protect and preserve (PDF 46kb)

2005.08.15, Hood River News — A Backwoods Approach (PDF 143kb)

2005.08.14, The Oregonian — Circling Mt Hood (PDF 43kb)

2005.08.03, The Oregonian — Deal could resolve dispute over Mount Hood Slope (PDF 286kb)

2004.09.26, Hood River News — Hearing Puts Wilderness Bill in Doubt (PDF 158kb)

2002.08.15, Hood River News — Residents appeal court dismissal (PDF 39kb)

2002.07.12, Hood River News — Judge stays with decision (PDF 37kb)

2002.07.09, Hood River News — Meadows Case Heats Up (PDF 35kb)

2002.06.18, Hood River News — Meadows Answers Lawsuit (PDF 36kb)

2002.06.12, Hood River News — Meadows involved in new legal bout (PDF 38kb)

2002.05.18, The Oregonian — Plans to log near Cooper Spur draw criticism (PDF 9kb)

2002.05.08, Hood River News — Verdict Still Out on Fate of Lawsuit (PDF 34kb)

2002.04.30, Hood River News — Court to hear round one in Meadows case (PDF 36kb)

2002.04.03, Hood River News — Residents Sue County, Meadows over Land Trade (PDF 36kb)

2002.03.28, The Oregonian — Lawsuit Asks Court to Halt Ski Resort Land Deal (PDF 26kb)

2002.03.17, The Oregonian — Meadows Owners Plan New Resort on Mt. Hood (PDF 17kb)

2002.03.06, Hood River News — County Challenged over Meadows Timber Trade (PDF 38kb)

2002.03.01, Portland Tribune — Residents Balk at Proposal to Swap Land on Mount Hood (PDF 170kb)

2001.11.18, Hood River News — County Finalizes Forest Land Swap with Mt. Hood Meadows (PDF 34kb)

2001.11.14, Hood River News — Meadows Purchases Cooper Spur (PDF 37kb)