Mt. Hood from Cloud Cap Inn     As part of our Public Land Program, the Crag Law Center has been working for local citizens and conservation groups to protect Oregon’s Cascade Mountains and the watersheds, wildlife and forested slopes below them since our founding in 2001.

Mt. Hood Wilderness.  The Crag Law Center is currently working with the Cooper Spur Wild & Free Coalition to preserve Mt. Hood and increase Wilderness and Wild & Scenic River protections around the mountain.  Crag has been working with local residents in Hood River to ensure sustainable water use in Hood River Basin.  On behalf of the Friends of Mt. Hood, Crag has brought enforcement actions against Mt. Hood Meadows to ensure that the Clean Water Act protections for high-alpine meadows and wetlands are followed.

Fire Risk Reduction.  On behalf of the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, Oregon Wild, the Oregon Nordice Club, BARK, Friends of Mt. Hood and the Mazamas, the Crag Law Center has brought legal actions against old-growth logging on the North side of Mt. Hood.  Crag has worked with these groups to promote sensible fire risk reduction activities near homes and communities.   Crag is working with the Friends of Mt. Hood to advocate for alternative transportation options along Highway 26 to alleviate congestion on this busy thoroughfare.

Other mountain protection cases that the Crag Law Center has taken on for local conservation groups include:

>   Mt. Hood Backcountry.  Advising the Snowrider Project on Mt. Hood Meadows proposal to operate a military Howitzer artillery weapon to conduct avalanche control operations and the potential human safety impact on backcountry users;

>   Mt. Adams.  Assisting the Friends of Mt. Adams on their efforts to protect the Bird Creek Meadows area from a proposed destination resort development;

>   Education & Outreach on Forests, Climate & Fire.  Helping the Mazamas develop an educational program on large-scale natural and human caused disturbance on forested ecosystems on the Mt. Hood National Forest;

>   Mt. Ashland.  Helping the Rogue Group of the Sierra Club to ensure that the Forest Service fully considers alternatives to Mt. Ashland ski area expansion and takes measures to protect sensitive plants and wildlife; and

>   Mt. Jefferson.  Working with local citizens to challenge old growth logging projects in the late successional forests and wildlife primitive areas in the dry forests in the headwaters of the Metolious River on the eastern and southern flanks of Mt. Jefferson.