Many Pacific Northwest wildlife species are susceptible to the impacts of logging projects that remove large trees, whether those trees are dead and alive, and alter the composition of the soils.  They are sensitive to changes in water temperature and acidity, habitat loss, pollution, and any number of other changes in their environments. Some of these are known as “indicator species” because they are very sensitive to changes in their environment, and thus their behavior or survival can be indicative of the environment’s health and suitability as habitat for a host of native species. On behalf of conservation clients throughout the Cascades and the Interior Columbia Basin, the Crag Law Center has successfully contested logging projects that threaten fish like the bull trout, birds like pileated woodpeckers and spotted owls and mammals like the Pacific fischer and Red Tree Voles.   To date, the Crag Law Center has halted or modified numerous logging project that threatened sensitive ecosystems and habitat for endangered species. Crag Law Center also takes on projects protecting wildlife refuges as well as national and state parks, listing species under the Endangered Species Act, and defending wildlife from toxins and other human impacts.

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