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The Crag Law Center is a non-profit law firm that provides high quality professional legal services to citizens throughout Oregon and Washington. We provide these services for free or for as close to free as possible. The Crag Law Center is at a critical juncture. We are striving to expand our services to meet the demands for our high-quality legal services in the Pacific Northwest, and we need your support to do so!

The Crag Law Center will put your donation to highly effective use as we work to protect the threatened wild lands of the Pacific Northwest, defend watershed habitats from unsound logging practices, fight toxic chemical polluters and empower grassroots citizen groups with legal services that they could not otherwise afford. We are defending our nation’s wild heritage, and succeeding!

Ways you can help:

Crag is able to provide high quality legal services at low or no cost because of the grassroots support of individuals like you.  By supporting Crag’s work with a financial contribution, you can make sure that communities across the Pacific  Northwest have free and affordable legal representation when they need it most.

Make a Donation to Crag

Every donation to Crag goes a long way.  Each year we provide free and low-cost legal services to communities who are up against some of the most moneyed corporations in the world.  We provide access to justice to communities who otherwise would not be able to afford to take a stand.  It is because of your donation that we can represent communities and conservation groups regardless of the amount of money they can spend.


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Become a Crag Guardian

Become a Crag Guardian by pledging your ongoing support with a recurring gift:

Make a recurring quarterly or monthly gift: ( You can make your support go a long way and also provide a dependable source of income for Crag’s work when you make a recurring quarterly or monthly donation.  For every dollar donated we can provide $5 worth of services.  With a donation as little as $10 a month or $30 a quarter, you become a Crag Guardian and make a significant contribution to support Crag’s work!

Make a legacy gift: Crag supports communities working to protect the natural legacy of the Pacific Northwest for our generation and for all generations that will follow us.  By remembering Crag in your will, you can make your legacy the protection of our region’s wild and natural places.

As a Crag supporter, you’ll receive the biannual A View from the Summit newsletter in the mail or via email, your choice!   Feel free to contact us directly for more information about specific projects or ways that you can get directly involved!

Earn Donations for Crag when you Shop Online!

iGiveAdd the iGive button to your internet browser and a percent of the money you spend shopping online will be donated to Crag!

  • Over 1,700 Online Stores participate in iGive.
  • Shop online as you normally would – no added steps!

Donate Your Old Car:

Would you like to be rid of a automobile and do you want to support our mission? Do you have a car you no longer want or use but you don’t want to go through the trouble of selling it? You can make a real contribution to us with a donation of car. When you donate your car to the Crag Law Center the vehicle is taken care of for free with no paperwork hassle.

We will take your unwanted car and use the proceeds to support our work.  Your automobile donation is important to our funding.  Support Crag by making an automobile donation today.