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    Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say: Reflections on the Supreme Court

    This week, the Supreme Court of the United States reversed and remanded the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision that had determined Clean Water Act permits are required for stormwater discharges from logging roads.  The case involved some complicated legal issues regarding what types of...

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    The Supreme Court Debrief

    After many long months of preparation and over seven years of litigation, our case on the Clean Water Act has been briefed and submitted to the Supreme Court.  The work started in the beautiful landscape of the Tillamook State Forest, where each fall, around this...

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    Proposed Budget Seeks to Cut Funding for the Environment

    On July 27, The Oregonian reported that the House rejected a rider to a GOP-proposed spending bill that would have stripped funding for the listing of new species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The bill would have only funded the removal of species from...

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  • Los Angeles Basin Smog

    EPA’s New Ozone Standards: Shifting the Burden of Pollution onto Big Industry

    To supplement Crag’s work representing Inupiat organizations along the North Slope of Alaska on offshore oil and gas drilling matters, I’ve been researching the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed revision of current ozone health standards set to be finalized this summer.  The new ozone standards would...

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    Crag Files Civil Rights Suit Against EPA and Administrator Lisa Jackson

    Crag has partnered with three organizations in California to file a federal lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency and Administrator Lisa P. Jackson for their failure to enforce and uphold Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.  Crag filed the environmental justice case on behalf...

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    We’re famous!

    The Crag Law Center has reached new levels of notoriety this past week when we were targeted in a blog post published by the Heritage Foundation.  Unfortunately for Crag, the logic of the Heritage Foundation dooms this little blog post to the nether world of...

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  • Happy Faces

    Appeals Board Rejects Air Permits for Offshore Drilling in the Arctic

      Late last week, the Environmental Appeals Board (EAB or Board) in Washington, DC rejected two air permits issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to Shell Oil for proposed offshore drilling projects in the Arctic.  The Crag Law Center represented local Inupiat organizations in...

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    EPA Ordered to Reform Office of Civil Rights To Address Environmental Degradation

    Obama Official Orders Reforms in EPA Office of Civil Rights For over five years now, the Crag Law Center has represented the Rosemere Neighborhood Association of Vancouver, Washington.  Rosemere Neighborhood Association filed a complaint with the US EPA that detailed how the City of Vancouver...

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