Crag is a 501(c)(3) non-profit law center that supports community efforts to protect and sustain the Pacific Northwest’s natural legacy. Implementing a unique model of legal aid for the environment, Crag balances the scales of justice by offering our clients free or low cost legal services in combination with assistance on campaign strategies, communications, community organizing, and media relations.

Coalition grows defending Climate Protection Program

Coalition grows to defend Oregon Climate Policy

Fifteen organizations joined Crag’s clients in defending the state’s Climate Protection Program.

Standing Up for Sensitive Species Habitat

Standing Up for Sensitive Species Habitat

On September 8, 2022, Crag filed a lawsuit on behalf of long-time clients challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s plan to log 13,225 acres of public forests in the coast range foothills west of Eugene.

Crag files briefs defending Climate Protection Plan Sept 7, 2022 (680x425)

Defending Oregon’s Climate Policy

Crag clients intervene to defend Climate Protection Program from oil and gas industry attack.

Stopping Shoreline Armoring

Our clients, Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition and Surfrider, are fighting against the implementation of a shoreline armoring project in Tillamook County.

Cheyenne Holliday, Verde

In this edition of Client Voices, I interviewed Cheyenne Holliday, the Water Justice Coordinator at Verde. I talked with her about her background, her work, and what she believes are the next steps for her and her organization.

Large tree cut down in Malheur National Forest. Photo by Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project.

Crag takes on Forest Service for lack of transparency

On July 6, 2022, Crag and attorney David Bahr filed a lawsuit on behalf of Greater Hells Canyon Council to hold the Forest Service accountable for its lack of transparency.

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