Federal Judge Issues Preliminary Ruling to Halt Harmful ORV Project

Judge rules in favor of elk habitat and sound public land management. Judge Sullivan determined that the Forest Service failed to satisfy its legal obligation to study the environmental impacts of the major new destination trail system, and to ensure that sensitive habitats for elk are protected.

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility – Regna Merritt

Check out our interview with Regna Merritt, the Healthy Climate Program Director at Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility. “Crag has been there to defend our communities and climate every step of the way.”

Industry Attack on Portland Fossil Fuel Policy Fails

Oregon Supreme Court Declines Review, Leaving in Place Oregon Court of Appeals Ruling in Favor of Portland's Fossil Fuel Ordinance July 31, 2018 (Portland, Ore.) –– Today a coalition of public interest groups celebrated news that opponents to Portland's fossil fuel...

Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukie

Last week, Crag’s summer intern Haotian interviewed one of Crag’s long-time supporters, Mark Gamba. Mark is the mayor of Milwaukie and an active advocate for environmentalism. Read more about his work and why he supports Crag.

Where are they Now? Daniel Timmons

“It’s not just about suing. It’s about advocacy, education, and raising awareness.” Daniel Timmons, a law clerk with Crag in 2010, shares his journey using the law to protect the environment from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast.

Where are they Now? Becca Fischer

Catch up with former Crag law clerk Becca Fischer who is currently working to protect the wildlife and wild places of the American West.

Up with Salmon, Down with Clearcuts

Clearcuts threaten commercial fishing families and coho salmon. “Stronger protections for streams to protect the coho, clean water and fishing-dependent jobs and communities is decades overdue.”


           Crag is a client-focused law center that supports community efforts to protect and sustain the Pacific Northwest’s natural legacy. Implementing a unique model of legal aid for the environment, Crag balances the scales of justice by offering our clients free or low cost legal services in combination with assistance on campaign strategies, communications, community organizing and media relations.







Molalla Wastewater Treatment Plant Violations

Molalla Wastewater Treatment Plant Violations

The city of Molalla—located in Clackamas County, Oregon—is failing to protect the right to clean water. For over a decade, Molalla’s sewage treatment plant has violated the terms of its permit, undermining people’s health and the quality of the Molalla River.

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Port Westward: Rezoning Farmland for Industrial Use

Port Westward: Rezoning Farmland for Industrial Use

The Port of St. Helens has proposed rezoning 837 acres of farm land for industrial use to allow fossil fuel export. We are fighting to maintain the beautiful landscape, agricultural heritage, and economic livelihood this unique farmland provides.

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