Through a unique model of “legal aid for the environment,” we provide free and low-cost legal services to people who are working on the front lines to protect our environment, climate and communities. We build the capacity of dedicated individuals and organizations striving to create positive change. Many of these groups face challenges against well-funded corporations that can afford to hire teams of attorneys. Some have never had the benefit of a lawyer on their side. We advocate for those who might not otherwise have a voice in decisions that directly affect their frontline communities. We work for our clients to balance the scales of justice, ensure the integrity of our government’s process, and help our clients achieve their own missions.

Since our founding, we have represented over 200 different conservation organizations, community groups and tribes. In the past year, we provided over 10,000 hours of free and low-cost legal services with a market value of $4 million. With two decades of experience, a reputation for excellence, and respect within the environmental law and policy community, we are well-positioned to affect positive change.

As community-based lawyers, we actively listen to our clients and partners, help them understand the complex legal landscape, and then help them develop a plan to achieve their goals. We respond to issues with real world impacts in a way that builds long-term support for conservation advocacy. Our clients are engaged with the public and respond to what happens on the ground. By serving our clients, we serve the public. And by staying client-focused, we ensure that power stays with our clients, our work benefits local communities, and we achieve outcomes that resonate with the broader population.

In addition to and in support of our program work, we are dedicated to training the next generation of environmental advocates. Through our Emerging Leaders Program, we provide mentorship and professional development for students from high school through law school so that they can learn new skills to be effective conservation and environmental justice advocates. We focus on developing the leadership of individuals from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate a passion for justice and a desire to pursue a career in public interest environmental work.

Crag is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our tax identification number is 93-1323758.

Our office is located at 3141 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214.







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