Adam Eno

Adam Eno

Legal Extern - Winter 2023

Name: Adam Eno

Education: I graduated from Lawrence University with an Environmental Studies major and an Anthropology minor

Hometown: Beloit, WI

What brought you to Crag?
I’m working at Crag as part of Lewis & Clark’s Natural Resources Practicum which places students in an internship to work 10 hours a week. Crag has a phenomenal reputation within the Northwest public interest environmental legal community, and I jumped at the opportunity to gain experience working alongside their exceptional team

What are your environmental/legal interests?
I’m interested in public lands issues, water law, and environmental justice issues especially related to Alaskan Natives and Native Americans

What will your work focus on while at Crag?
My work will focus on research and case support as needed

Favorite places to recreate or be in nature: Rivers, ridgelines above tree line, and most places in Alaska

Favorite book: The Lonely Land by Sigurd Olson

Favorite Quote: “We are part of everything that is beneath us, above us, and around us. Our past is our present, or present is our future, and our future is seven generations past and present.” Winona LaDuke

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