What Makes Crag Special

by Anu Sawkar | December 15, 2022

After four years as an attorney at Crag, I will be moving on at the end of this year. As my time here comes to an end, I wanted to share some reflections on what makes Crag so special.

Crag’s Clients: Through representing Crag’s clients, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best environmental advocates in the world. Over so many campaigns and cases—from working with folks to defeat the
Jordan Cove Energy Project down in Coos Bay to supporting community groups to protect the banks of the Willamette River—I have seen firsthand the power of grassroots action and coalition-building to persist and defeat the odds.

Crag’s Community: Crag’s work to level the playing field and provide legal aid for the environment would not be possible without Crag’s incredible supporters. Crag’s donors and volunteers make Crag run, and make Crag fun. I have so deeply enjoyed getting to know Crag’s community, and I am so lucky to count so many of you as dear friends.

Crag’s Team: I officially joined Crag as a Legal Fellow in 2019, but I have been a Crag volunteer and supporter since 2008. Over that time, Crag’s team—the staff and board—have shaped who I am as an attorney and who I am as a person. Their courage, compassion, dedication to excellence, and eye toward equity and environmental justice will always inspire me.

Change can be hard, as much as change is necessary. I will hold my love and gratitude for you all—Crag’s clients, Crag’s community, and Crag’s team—close to my heart as I start my next adventure.



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