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We at Crag are dedicated to supporting our partners and clients in any way we can. We deeply value their commitment to environmental issues across the Pacific Northwest and want more people to know about their work. We also want to highlight how we work together with these environmental leaders in order to make change happen through the legal system.

In this blog series, we interview key environmental leaders we work with to showcase our partner organizations and the work we do together.

Sally Newell, Friends of the White Salmon River

Sally Newell, Friends of the White Salmon River

For the second installment of "The Way We Work", we interviewed the Vice Chair of the Friends of the White Salmon River, one of Crag's clients that has been continuously battling new legislation that would have changed residential zoning laws along the shores of the...

Julia DeGraw, Food & Water Watch

Julia DeGraw, Food & Water Watch

Crag's blog series, "The Way We Work," showcases the many facets of our work through the voices of our clients.  The series provides a glimpse of the variety of ways Crag supports individuals and organizations across the Northwest working to protect and sustain...

The Way We Work

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