Where are they Now?

Since our founding in 2001, Crag has been committed to mentoring and training the next generation of environmental advocates by offering structured volunteer opportunities and for-credit internships to individuals who demonstrate a passion for environmental advocacy and a desire to pursue a career in public interest environmental work.

We extend our impact even after our interns leave us by actively reaching out to past interns to learn about their career paths and to ask them to reflect on how their experience at Crag has shaped their careers.

In this blog series, we explore the overall impacts we have had on those who participate in our mentorship program.


Where Are They Now? Jessica Schafer

Jessica Schafer, once an intern at Crag in 2006, has been on the frontier of environmental law and advocacy since her graduation from Lewis and Clark Law School, devoting her passion and time to protecting the environment. In this interview she shares how her Crag experience opened her mind to a different kind of environmental activism and career.

Where Are They Now? Megan Gleason

We checked in with Megan Gleason, a Development Assistant with Crag in 2015, and discussed her progressive political and advocacy work across Oregon.

Where are they Now? Daniel Timmons

“It’s not just about suing. It’s about advocacy, education, and raising awareness.” Daniel Timmons, a law clerk with Crag in 2010, shares his journey using the law to protect the environment from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast.

Where are they Now? Becca Fischer

Catch up with former Crag law clerk Becca Fischer who is currently working to protect the wildlife and wild places of the American West.

More Than a Collection of Stones

Nearly two years have passed since the summer I spent in Portland as a development intern with Crag Law Center as part of the DukeEngage volunteer program. Crag changed, and continues to change, my perspective on not only the importance of environmental sustainability, but also on the value of the natural world.

Where are they Now? McKenna Ganz

In this installment of Where are they now?, I checked in with McKenna Ganz, a 2015 DukeEngage communications & development intern that used her Crag experience to determine her future career path. When McKenna Ganz began interning at Crag, she thought she knew...

Where Are They Now? Will Carlon

Will Carlon was a summer associate in 2014 and worked for staff attorney Maura Fahey. He researched case law, statutes, and regulations and drafted memoranda for cases involving water quality, land use, notice requirements, attorney’s fees, discovery issues, and...

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Where Are They Now?

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