Crag staff attorney Tanya Sanerib appeared in Lane County Circuit Court on Monday (1/23/12) to defend a lawsuit filed by our clients – 11 year old Olivia Chernaik and 15 year old Kelsey Juliana – demanding that the state of Oregon and Governor John Kitzhaber take action to curb climate change to protect natural resources in our State.  The hearing, which was to consider the State’s motion to dismiss the case, was heard by Lane County Circuit Judge Karsten Rasmussen.  Crag filed the lawsuit on behalf of two youth from Eugene as part of an international effort coordinated by Our Children’s Trust and by the iMatter Campaign in which youth took to the courts to demand a solution to the climate crisis.

Judge Rasmussen will issue a written ruling.

For more information, check out KLCC Public Radio’s coverage of the case and the January 24 Eugene Register-Guard’s article.

To learn more about the youth who are taking action and speaking out about climate change, check out the Trust Films series produced by Our Children’s Trust, the iMatter Campaign and WITNESS.

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