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Making a monthly donation to Crag is a very simple way for me to place one little drop in what I like to  envision will someday be a stream and then a river of a force of defenders and makers of the law in defense of the planet. 

– Bonnie White, Crag Guardian and Painter

Get to Know Crag Supporters

Federal Judge Issues Preliminary Ruling to Halt Harmful ORV Project

Judge rules in favor of elk habitat and sound public land management. Judge Sullivan determined that the Forest Service failed to satisfy its legal obligation to study the environmental impacts of the major new destination trail system, and to ensure that sensitive habitats for elk are protected.

Mt. Hood Wilderness Land Exchange

Mt. Hood is home to pristine wilderness, beautiful alpine lakes, scenic landscapes, and the historic Timberline Lodge. Since 2001, Crag has fought to protect the North Side of the mountain from Mt. Hood Meadows’ misguided development proposal.

My Summer with the Lovable Lawyers

Elliott Davis just finished his DukeEngage Internship with Crag. Find out about his summer experience with our lovable lawyers.

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