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You can make your support go a long way and also provide a dependable source of income for Crag’s work when you make a recurring quarterly or monthly donation.  For every dollar donated we can provide $5 worth of services.  With a donation as little as $10 a month or $30 a quarter, you become a Crag Guardian and make a significant contribution to support Crag’s work!


Making a monthly donation to Crag is a very simple way for me to place one little drop in what I like to  envision will someday be a stream and then a river of a force of defenders and makers of the law in defense of the planet. 

– Bonnie White, Crag Guardian and Painter

Get to Know Crag Supporters

Suzanne Moulton: Wildly Creative!

Suzanne Moulton (Suzie) has dedicated her life and artistic talent to help raise awareness to endangered and threatened wildlife and natural resources. Most well-known for her work as a stop-motion fabricator, Suzie has worked on projects such as Coraline,...

Kiersten Gilbert– Summer Intern

Name: Kiersten Gilbert School: Oregon State University, Degree: Environmental Science Hometown: Hillsboro, Oregon What brought you to Crag?: I just graduated from OSU with a degree in Environmental Science and I’ve been contemplating what’s next. I’ve come to the...

Natalie Whitesel– Summer Intern

Name: Natalie Whitesel School: Whitman College Hometown: Brush Prairie, WA What brought you to Crag?: I have always been passionate about the environment and have come to understand the need to have organization’s that fight for it, as it can’t fight for itself....

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