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You can make your support go a long way and also provide a dependable source of income for Crag’s work when you make a recurring quarterly or monthly donation.  For every dollar donated we can provide $5 worth of services.  With a donation as little as $10 a month or $30 a quarter, you become a Crag Guardian and make a significant contribution to support Crag’s work!


Making a monthly donation to Crag is a very simple way for me to place one little drop in what I like to  envision will someday be a stream and then a river of a force of defenders and makers of the law in defense of the planet. 

– Bonnie White, Crag Guardian and Painter

Get to Know Crag Supporters

Long Effort to protect Cooper Spur Hangs in the Balance

For nearly two decades, Crag has supported Hood River Valley community members in protecting the north side of Mt. Hood at Cooper Spur and protecting the upper valley’s water supplies and agricultural communities.  Background In 2001, through a land trade with Hood...

Wild Shots 2020 – Friday, December 4

Join us for Wild Shots – Crag’s annual fundraising event – coming to you virtually on December 4, 2020. Details coming soon!

Client Voices: Stop B2H Coalition

In this edition of Client Voices, I interviewed Jim and Fuji Kreider, founders of the Stop B2H Coalition, a grassroots organization based in La Grande, OR.  Founded in 2015 and incorporated into a 501(c)3 nonprofit in August 2017, the Stop B2H Coalition has worked...

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