On September 11, 2015 a newly formed group, Local Water Alliance, filed a proposed ballot measure in Hood River County for the purpose of protecting local water supplies for residential and agricultural uses and preserving resources for future generations.  The measure proposes to prohibit the production and transport of commercial bottled water within Hood River County.

Initially, Hood River County elections officials rejected the measure as violating the Oregon Constitutional requirement that ballot measures pertain to only a “single subject.”  Crag Law Center quickly responded on behalf of the Local Water Alliance and the petitioners to challenge the County’s decision in court.   Shortly after reviewing Crag’s arguments, the County decided to reverse its own determination and to proceed with processing the ballot measure.

Today, the Hood River County circuit court issued an order dismissing the county’s determination and certifying the ballot measure as filed.  Crag looks forward to assisting the Local Water Alliance as they move forward in their campaign to pass the Hood River County Water Protection Measure for the protection of our precious Columbia Gorge water supplies.

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