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Crag provides a massive service for the people of Oregon. From the community level where they’re representing people fighting a single polluter, to the broader level where they’re helping the public get the strongest air quality protections, Crag is there to be the people’s representation.

– Mary Peveto, Neighbors for Clean Air

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The WIld

We Are Keeping Mt. Hood Wild and Free

Since the 1970s, Mt. Hood Meadows has sought to build a destination resort on the North side of Mt. Hood near Cooper Spur. Local citizens, conservation groups, recreation clubs and communities around Mt. Hood have repeatedly opposed these efforts. After decades of dispute, Congress stepped in to end this “fight on the mountain” with an out-of-the-box compromise: a land trade that would result in permanent protection for thousands of acres on the wild north side of the mountain around Cooper Spur while directing development to about 110 acres public lands in Government Camp that had been designated by the community and Clackamas County for resort development.

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We Are Helping Youth Fight for Climate Justice

Crag is representing courageous youth plaintiffs in their lawsuit against Oregon for failing to protect our public trust resources from the impacts of climate change, and the League of Women Voters as “friends of the court” in the federal youth climate case against the U.S. government.

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We Are Protecting Farmland for Our Food and Our Future

Take a drive down the winding rural roads north of Clatskanie, Oregon. Meandering through this part of Columbia County, one cannot help but feel a sense of appreciation while observing some of the best farmland in the country. On these agricultural lands in the floodplain of the mighty Columbia River, local farmers grow heirloom peppermint, native spearmint, and plenty of delicious blueberries. These high-quality farmlands are protected under Oregon Statewide Planning Goal 3, Agricultural Lands. But the Port of St. Helens and Columbia County appear to not place high value on this resource.

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