In December 2016, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) denied a request from Canadian oil and gas companies for rehearing of the case surrounding the proposed Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline, finalizing the commission’s rejection of the project in March. Landowners, citizens, and organizations are now calling on the State of Oregon to cease work on any outstanding permits related to the terminal and pipeline.
“We have been living under this threat for a decade. A burden has been lifted from our backs today and it feels great.” Bill Gow, affected landowner
FERC refused to allow Jordan Cove to submit new evidence, and reaffirms that the record as it existed in March failed to demonstrate public benefit. A coalition of landowners, conservationists, climate activists, water advocates, businesses, and concerned citizens have opposed this project for more than a decade. In denying the project, FERC determined that the proponents failed to prove the public benefits outweighed the adverse effects on landowners. Approximately 90 percent of landowners along the proposed 234-mile pipeline route refused to sign agreements with the project proponents and had been threatened with eminent domain.
“FERC acknowledged what so many have known all along – this project’s limited benefits do not outweigh the negative impacts to landowners and communities. It’s time to move forward with real solutions to build prosperity for Coos County and a clean energy future for all Oregonians.” Courtney Johnson, Crag Law Center
“In rejecting this ill-conceived project FERC rightfully put the people and environmental health of Oregon before corporate interests,” said Francis Eatherington, with Oregon Women’s Land Trust. “It would have been a disaster for Oregon’s precious waterways and the species that rely on them, and it would have exacerbated climate change at a time when we desperately need to move away from these dangerous fossil fuels.” Francis Eatherington, Oregon Women’s Land Trust
Crag has been working with Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition and local Coos Bay residents to challenge state and local-level permits for the project for over 10 years. We are part of a team currently challenging a state approval for the new power plant that would support the LNG terminal, and the local Coos County land use approvals for the terminal and related facilities on the North Spit of Coos Bay. We are committed to seeing those challenges through for as long as needed to make sure this threat is truly and finally defeated.
“Even when you are up against huge amounts of money, you can still win.” Jody McCaffree, Citizens Against LNG
“Huge credit goes to the people of southern Oregon who stood their ground for ten years to prevail over LNG. From the Oregon LNG proposal on the Columbia River, to the Jordan Cove LNG project in Southern Oregon, FERC’s denial sends a clear message: you’re next.” Konrad Fisher, Klamath Riverkeeper
“When I heard the news, I couldn’t believe it at first and then I just started crying as I looked out the window at my beautiful home and realized that we had prevailed . . . David beat Goliath and we were safe.” Stacey McLaughlin, affected landowner

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