Fiona Casbarro

2023 Summer Intern

Name: Fiona Casbarro (caz-BARE-oh)

Pronouns: She/her 

Education/Professional Background: Pursuing a BS in Environmental Science from University of Portland

Hometown: Carpinteria, CA

What brought you to Crag?
About a year ago I was eating breakfast at the Tin Shed here in Portland and noticed a flier on the table about Crag. Since then I’ve loved following Crag and learning more and more about how they contribute to protecting our environment not only in Portland but all over!

What are your environmental/legal interests?
Presently I intend to absorb as much knowledge about everything I can in the world Environmental + Legal shenanigans. My interest peaks when I learn how the two can cross paths and how the legal sides of things can protect the space we live in!

What will your work focus on while at Crag?
I’ll be working with the social media team in order to present all of Crag’s work into digestible and interesting bits!

Favorite place to recreate or be in nature:
I love my walk to work, I geek out about the front of peoples houses and how full of plants and life they are. Also Lizard’s Mouth in Santa Barbara has a special place in my heart.

Favorite book:
Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block

Favorite Quote:
“The only rule we need is never giving up”-Portugal. The Man

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