Linn County Courthouse

Linn County Courthouse

On Monday July 11, Linn County vs. the State of Oregon had its first hearing in court. Linn County is suing the state for not maximizing past and future revenue from forestlands. Linn County is looking for more logging of timber in the forests, and $1.4 billion in alleged damages. The lawsuit is bringing to question Oregon statutes that require the lands to be managed in a way that creates the greatest permanent value to the state.

Crag attorney and co-executive director, Ralph Bloemers, filed a motion to intervene on behalf of conservation and fishing groups, including Wild Salmon Center, Pacific Rivers, Association of Northwest Steelheaders, and Northwest Guides and Anglers Association. They are hoping to support the state by proving that management practices of the forestland have been balanced, creating both economic revenue and protecting the wildlife and ecosystem.

“This latest disclosure shows that this case is really about timber companies trying to force the state to clearcut public forests to supply private lumber mills,” say Bob Van Dyk, Oregon and California policy director at Wild Salmon Center and Crag client. “These companies can’t stand balanced management of public lands, so they are using the guise of a county lawsuit to push their agenda.”

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