Gift Acceptance Policy

Crag Law Center provides essential free and low-cost legal services to people who are working on the frontlines to protect our environment, climate and communities. Crag could not exist without the generosity of the donors and institutions that choose to invest in our capacity.

Crag solicits and accepts gifts that are consistent with our mission and core values. We gratefully accept financial support from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Crag’s board and leadership team hold the right to discuss and examine donations offered from individuals, organizations, or companies that have shown evidence of racist or discriminatory practices, donations that may create administrative burdens for the organization, or donations that may be better directed to other organizations, and hold the right to decline donations.

Crag balances the scales of justice by supporting communities to achieve their goals for a healthy environment. Just as we apply a race equity lens to our environmental work, we also apply a race equity lens to our fundraising work. Crag is committed to the principles of community-centric fundraising. This is part of our commitment to continuously examine whether we are operating in ways that align with the race equity and justice values and goals we support.

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