Support Crag in the Give!Guide

Join the community movement of giving back this holiday season!  Make a gift in the Give!Guide in support Crag and other great non-profits, and you’ll earn a variety of treats. Donate on a Big Give Day and be entered to win prizes.

Donate any amount and get a free ticket to the Crag Carnival on 12/4/2021.

Donate $25 and get a 20% off at Thunderpants USA and be entered to win a $150 gift certificate.

Donate $50 and get a free 1 hour rental from eNRG Kayaking

Donate $100 and be entered to win a Tuscowallame Estate Vineyard Stroll for two at Raptor Ridge Winery.

Donate $150 and get a Willamette Falls kayak or SUP tour for 2 with eNRG Kayaking

enrg kayaking

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