Hallie Brennan

2024 Spring Legal Extern

Name: Hallie Brennan

Prounouns: She/her

Education: J.D. candidate, May 2024, University of Oregon School of Law, Eugene, Oregon. Bachelor of Business Administration in Arts Management, Santa Fe University of Art
and Design, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Summa cum laude.

Hometown: I grew up between St. Louis, Mo and Santa Fe, NM.

What brought you to Crag? I’ve admired Crag’s important work for years.  I really wanted to experience working with Crag and contribute to regional conservation efforts.  I saw it as an opportunity to give back to local PNW lands while continuing to learn about an area of law I hope to practice in the future.

What are your environmental/legal interests? I decided to go to law school so I could equip myself with the tools I need to join others in combatting climate change.  After nearly three years of legal studies, I find myself excited by the intersection of natural resources conservation and climate change mitigation.  They overlap in a way that functions to protect biodiversity and precious natural resources from status quo exploitation, while simultaneously contributing to natural climate solutions.  Talk about a win-win!  I’m also very interested in the Public Trust Doctrine and the role it plays in holding our government accountable to protect critical natural resources – like water, air, and the atmosphere – for present and future generations.  

What will your work focus on while at Crag?: Forest and biodiversity defense under the Endangered Species Act. 

Favorite places to recreate or be in nature: Flyfishing for smallmouth bass on the Huzzah Creek in southern Missouri; Flyfishing for Brown trout on the humble Santa Barbara Creek in New Mexico’s Carson National Forest; hiking and backcountry camping in the Chama River Canyon wilderness in New Mexico.  Since moving to Oregon for law school, I’ve loved exploring the dramatic Pacific coastline around Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park and being in absolute awe of old growth forests!

Favorite book: The Mistborn Trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson.

Favorite Quote: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” ― Albus Dumbledore.

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