Mr. Wilson Timber Sale – (Update) – the BLM logged this old growth timber sale in 2002 despite strong objections from local citizens and conservation groups.ย  The citizens and groups took the BLM to court and after a long drawn out courtroom battle, the Crag Law Center secured a judgment against the BLM from Judge Michael Hogan, a federal district judge based in Eugene, Oregon.ย  The Court ruled that the BLM must consider the impacts its old growth logging had on critical habitat for wildlife in the area and mitigate the impact of this logging project on adjacent habitat in the Rogue River and Cow Creek Watersheds.

The ruling is a significant achievement for the local conservation groups seeking to hold the BLM accountable for its old growth logging program and its efforts to undermine the management direction for over 2.5 million acres of land in Southwest Oregon.

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