Kara Parker

Kara Parker

Intern - 2020

Education/Professional Background: B.S. Biology, UW. Graduate Certificate in Sustainability, Portland State University.

Hometown: Edmonds, Washington

What brought you to crag?: I greatly appreciate the work that Crag does to help protect our environment and I hope to be able to contribute as a lawyer someday! Until then, I want to support Crag’s initiatives in the ways that I can.

What are your environmental/legal interests?: Energy Law, Public Land Conservation, Native American Law

What will your work focus on while at Crag?: Event planning, fundraising, updating cases on the website and research into current cases.

Favorite place to recreate or be in nature: Climbing in the Cascades

Favorite book: Catch 22, Joseph Heller

Favorite quotes:  “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” – Mary Oliver
“Mountains are the promise of new perspectives beyond the vision of natural sight” – Joe Simpson

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