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Climate change is today’s most pressing and important issue for the environment and for our communities. In some ways, all of the work we do relates to climate change, whether it is preserving forests as carbon sinks, protecting public access to shorelines that are eroding from stronger storms and sea level rise, or defending species whose critical habitat is shrinking. We take on cases that directly address both the sources and impacts of climate change in the Pacific Northwest.

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Port Westward: Rezoning Farmland for Industrial Use

The Port of St. Helens has proposed rezoning 837 acres of farm land for industrial use to allow fossil fuel export. We are fighting to maintain the beautiful landscape, agricultural heritage, and economic livelihood this unique farmland provides.

Federal Youth Climate Case – Juliana v. U.S.

In 2015, 21 youth plaintiffs filed a lawsuit asserting that through the U.S. government’s affirmative actions that cause climate change, it is violating their constitutional rights. We are representing the Oregon & U.S. League of Women Voters of Oregon as friends of the court.

Jordan Cove LNG Terminal

For nearly a decade, out-of-state energy speculators have attempted to construct a liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal and pipeline in Coos Bay, which would export fracked gas to Pacific countries. We are working to prevent this dangerous and environmentally-destructive project from being constructed.

Oregon Youth Climate Case

We are representing two courageous youth from Eugene, Oregon – Ollie Chernaik and Kelsey Juliana – who are both concerned that the State of Oregon is actively contributing to the devastating effects of climate change. These two young people have bravely chosen to stand up for their generation.

Portland Fossil Fuel Limitation

In December 2016, the City of Portland took a major step against the expansion of dirty fossil fuels and toward climate justice by unanimously adopting citywide restrictions on bulk fossil fuel infrastructure. Ever since, the fossil fuel industry has attempted to undermine the law.

Protecting Farmland for our Food and our Future

Take a drive down the winding rural roads north of Clatskanie and one cannot help but feel a sense of appreciation for some of the best farmland in the country. On these agricultural lands in the floodplain of the Columbia River, local farmers grow heirloom peppermint…

Holding the Green Line Using Local Land Use Laws

For over a decade, Crag has been working with local communities to hold the line against new fossil fuel terminals and pipelines along the Oregon Coast, including in Coos Bay and the lower Columbia River estuary.

Holding the Thin Green Line in the Salish Sea

Last week, Crag attorney Chris Winter traveled to Skagit County, Washington for a hearing on a proposed $400 million expansion of the Tesoro oil refinery, which is located on the banks of the Salish Sea in Anacortes. Read his reflections on this timely issue.

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