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Conserving & Protecting the Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast is the pride of the state, crucial as a public resource for recreation, resource-based economies, and vital species habitat. However, it is under ever-present and increasing threat from climate change, harmful resource extraction schemes (including fossil fuel infrastructure), and ill-advised development proposals, as well as the ongoing loss of public beach access due to hardened protection structures. 

The Coastal Law Project is a collaborative partnership formed in 2004 between the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition and Crag Law Center to protect and preserve the Oregon coast and its ecosystems for all people. Through a range of tools including legal representation, public education about conservation laws and land use, and policy advice, the Coastal Law Project works with coastal communities to protect sensitive coastal and marine ecosystems, preserve and promote equitable public beach access, and defend coastal watersheds. The partnership draws upon the respective expertise and knowledge of our two organizations to identify and address issues critical for the preservation of the Oregon coast. Together, Crag and Oregon Shores hope to work alongside people and communities to help preserve Oregon’s treasured coastal region for generations to come.

You can learn more about the Coastal Law Project’s history here. Oregon Shores and Crag revised the Coastal Law Project’s charter in 2021. We consider this an ongoing process. You can read more about the Coastal Law Project’s vision, values, and commitments here.

What We’re Working On

Advocating for Eelgrass Protection

Advocating for Eelgrass Protection

Below the surface of the ocean, a type of seagrass with ribbon-shaped leaves and flowers that bloom every summer works to do everything a rainforest might do, but within a marine habitat. This fascinating and vital type of seagrass is called eelgrass.  Eelgrass grows...

Jordan Cove LNG Terminal

Jordan Cove LNG Terminal

For nearly a decade, out-of-state energy speculators have attempted to construct a liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal and pipeline in Coos Bay, which would export fracked gas to Pacific countries. We are working to prevent this dangerous and environmentally-destructive project from being constructed.

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