Environmental Justice

Communities of color, Tribes, and low-income communities often experience a disproportionate share of the negative impacts of pollution and industrial development. Taking the lead from our clients and partners who are working in these communities, Crag helps strengthen organizing efforts by educating and advocating for legal solutions to remedy disparate impacts of environmental pollution. Crag’s first environmental justice case challenged under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act the Environmental Protection Agency’s failure to respond to complaints from the Rosemere Neighborhood Association in Washington. We have continued environmental justice work since that first landmark victory, including representing native communities in Alaska and Oregon to protect subsistence hunting and cultural values.

What We’re Working On

Challenging Arctic Oil Drilling to Protect Native Fishing Grounds

Challenging Arctic Oil Drilling to Protect Native Fishing Grounds

The Crag Law Center today filed a legal challenge to an offshore exploration plan approved by the Minerals Management Service in the Beaufort Sea in Alaska.  Crag is working with local Native groups, including the Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope, a regional...

Blogging the Environmental Justice Victory

Blogging the Environmental Justice Victory

Our friend Professor Noah Hall from Wayne State University maintains an excellent blog about the Great Lakes ecoregion. He just published a guest post by Staff Attorney Chris Winter about our recent environmental justice victory with the Rosemere Neighborhood...

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