Native Fish

photo courtesy of Jessica Newley

Restoring Native Fish

The Pacific Northwest is renowned for its native fish populations. Although our rivers and streams once teamed with millions of trout and salmon, today, populations are only fractions of what they once were. It has been a decades-long struggle to protect native fish, which still face threats of extinction from rising water temperatures, pollution, dams, and drought. In support of efforts to revive native fish populations, Crag works with our clients to maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems across our region.

What We’re Working On

Molalla Wastewater Treatment Plant Violations

Molalla Wastewater Treatment Plant Violations

The city of Molalla—located in Clackamas County, Oregon—is failing to protect the right to clean water. For over a decade, Molalla’s sewage treatment plant has violated the terms of its permit, undermining people’s health and the quality of the Molalla River.

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