Plant Local. Think Global.

Celebrate Earth Day weekend with Poppy & Finch by learning about PNW native plants and how we can be stewards to the habitats in our own gardens!

Poppy & Finch will be providing botanical design service from her pop-up mini-trailer while sharing her passion of native plants for our habitat through her unique living botanical creations at Winterโ€™s Hill Estate for Earth Day weekend. She will donate 15% of her online and in-person botanical service and sales to Crag on both days, Saturday 4/23 and Sunday 4/24.


Owner Weina Dinata has a BA in Graphic Design and a deep love for plants, how they grow and how they interact with animals. She is passionate about leading creative native plant workshops for educational groups and private parties and helping educate about the fragility of native plants.

“I love being able to use my

design skills to help people

experience the beauty of giving

the earth what it needs. I really

believe we have to plant locally

and think globally. The plants we

put in our gardens will feed

the birds and butterflies and all

the other wildlife around us.”

Check out Poppy & Finch’s Instagram and Facebook pages!

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