Secret Aardvark is here to turn up the heat, but only on your plate!

Here to support Earth Week is Secret Aardvark! They will match up to $500 in donations to Crag Law Center on Earth Day, doubling the impact of your donation to Crag!

Secret Aardvark is a proud supporter of local community programs ranging from music, arts, active lifestyle to health care and environmental protection! Their goal is to contribute 3% of sales back to the community.



When he was in his late teens, Aardvark founder Scott Mortiz and his friends read an editorial in the local paper that outlined the “Nine ways to identify a gang”. They thought the article was so ridiculous (as it only stereotyped social groups) that they wrote a satirical letter to the editor claiming to be a part of a gang called the “Secret Aardvarks”. The paper took them seriously and published a warning about the new gang, and he laughed about it until years later when he deemed his hot sauce worthy of the name.

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