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To provide legal aid for the environment, Crag relies on the dedication, encouragement, and contributions of so many different folks from all walks of life. Our supporters come from across the Pacific Northwest and have unique connections to our organization. We greatly appreciate their contribution in protecting the climate, preserving the wild, and defending communities.

In this blog series, we highlight our supporters, their stories, and why they support Crag.

Suzanne Moulton: Wildly Creative!

Suzanne Moulton (Suzie) has dedicated her life and artistic talent to help raise awareness to endangered and threatened wildlife and natural resources. Most well-known for her work as a stop-motion fabricator, Suzie has worked on projects such as Coraline,...

Lee Dayfield, Crag Supporter from the Start

Lee Dayfield, a former Stoel Rives recruiter, later the initiator of Friends of Nadaka and now a professional grandma, has witnessed the birth and growth of Crag Law Center since even before the Co-Founders of Crag, Chris and Ralph, decided to start this law center in 2001.

Sadhana Shenoy, Inspired by Crag

Sadhana Shenoy has been a volunteer, a board member and a supporter of Crag for a long time. After working as the CFO for big corporations and the treasurer on many other boards, Sadhana is impressed by Crag’s achievements with such a small budget: “Crag’s unique method gives me hope and inspiration in the future of environmental advocacy.”

Serin Bussell, the Proud Board Chair of Crag!

When Serin first became a board member, she was really impressed with Crag’s ability to do so much with limited resources and a small team. “They take on big corporations, tackle big problems and win for all of us!”

Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukie

Last week, Crag’s summer intern Haotian interviewed one of Crag’s long-time supporters, Mark Gamba. Mark is the mayor of Milwaukie and an active advocate for environmentalism. Read more about his work and why he supports Crag.

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Supporter Spotlight

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