Kelsey Juliana

As public interest environmental attorneys, in the course of arguing our clients’ cases we get to tell judges the most remarkable stories of individuals’ efforts to protect our environment.  While we try to share many of these tales with our members, often the personal stories get lost in the larger story of the issue at hand.  Fortunately, for the Oregon climate case Witness, Our Children’s Trust, and iMatter decided to tell the tale of plaintiff Kelsey Juliana on film so that all the public may hear her remarkable story.

Kelsey’s account starts with Oregon’s rivers and streams, travels through our forests, and finds its way to our coast.  The short film offers unique insight into how climate change is already affecting Oregon while also offering hope for our future – if we act now.  We are pleased to share Kelsey’s story in TRUST Oregon.  Crag and Our Children’s Trust are also planning a family friendly Portland screening of the film in the near future so stay tuned for more information.

Currently, Kelsey and Olivia’s climate change case against Governor Kitzhaber and Oregon is moving forward in Oregon’s Court of Appeals.  The case demands governmental action in the form of a climate recovery plan to curb the harmful effects of climate change, which is causing substantial impairment of Public Trust Doctrine resources – most notably Oregon’s water and atmosphere.  To support this case or Crag’s work on it please donate to Our Children’s Trust and the Crag Law Center.

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