Comfy, Sustainable, Locally-Made Undies!


Thunderpants is celebrating Earth Day by donating 10% of sales to Crag during Earth Week (Sunday 4/18 through Saturday 4/24).  Support Crag and Thunderpants by purchasing your own pair!


Are you tired of wearing uncomfortable, low quality bras and/or underwear? Looking for some comfy undies to ride out this isolation period that won’t ride up your bum? 

Do we have the answer for you!! Meet Thunderpants, an all female-run small business that makes the most comfortable undies EVER! 

The Thunderpants team chooses quality over quantity and a shared value for sustainability. From how the cotton is grown to manufacturing processes to the impact on quality of life when wearing them, they have addressed it all.

Women’s Hipster Pink Carnations

Not to take the floral high ground, but this print is pretty righteous.

Women’s Bralette Artichokes

We definitely relate to the artichoke: prickly on the outside, but soft heart on the inside. And they are just so pretty!

Men’s Boxer Brief Blue Sloths

This print will steel your heart in slow motion.

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