Victory for Forests & Elk – Chiloquin, Oregon


Roosevelt Elk – Photo by Stephen Baker, BLM Oregon

On December 10, 2020, the Land Use Board of Appeals ruled in favor of our community clients, finding that Klamath County failed to justify its decision to approve new sewer ponds on forested lands outside of Chiloquin, Oregon. LUBA agreed that the county failed to address alternative locations, impacts to nearby lands, and impacts to the important elk habitat in the area.

We are thrilled to support local residents to ensure their concerns are heard and important environmental issues are addressed.


What was at stake?

Oregon’s land use system is designed to allow community members to engage in decisions that affect their community. In this instance elderly neighbors requested a delay in the process due to COVID-19 because of concern for their health in traveling and entering public meeting spaces. No extension was granted. The decision would have converted designated winter elk habitat to allow construction of 30 acres of new sewer ponds. Alternatives for treatment and location were not adequately discussed or explored during the process.


On behalf of local residents, Crag filed a challenge to Klamath County’s decision to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) and prevailed, protecting the forest and critical elk habitat!

>>Read the LUBA decision



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Our Clients

Crag Law Center represents individual petitioners of Chiloquin, Oregon. The petitioners represented in this appeal are Joyce Jacobus, Peggy Sue Jacobus, Judy Dahl, Ann Felber, and Kurt Knabke. 

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