The Crag Law Center has reached new levels of notoriety this past week when we were targeted in a blog post published by the Heritage Foundation.  Unfortunately for Crag, the logic of the Heritage Foundation dooms this little blog post to the nether world of the internet, but why not draw attention to ourselves given this unique opportunity?

Try to follow along on this bumpy ride.  The Heritage Foundation starts out by attacking EPA for giving grants to organizations that promote conservation work in China.  That seems reasonable enough for a radical, right wing think tank.  Then, however, the author jumps back across the Pacific Ocean and criticizes EPA funding of domestic groups, including environmental justice organizations like Organizing People, Activating Leaders (OPAL) here in Portland.

Of course, we here at Crag have never been awarded an EPA grant, however, that still doesn’t insulate us from the prying eyes and bulletproof logic of the Heritage Foundation.  Apparently, we too are suspect simply because “one of OPAL’s board members is a director at Crag.”  Ignoring the fact that none of EPA’s funding has ever been used to support Crag’s work, the author then goes on an extended rant about the undeniable success and positive impact of our public interest legal work, linking to our victory in stopping the Bradwood Landing LNG, our successful appeal of the Crook Point resort in Curry County, our challenge of a chromite strip mine near Bandon and the climate change suit we recently filed on behalf of Oregon children.

Overwhelmed by the sheer power of our story, he completely ignores the fact that this entire diatribe has nothing whatsoever to do with his original story – EPA funding in China.

But here is the punch line.  The Heritage Foundation and right wing interests are doing everything they can to dismantle the federal government and our environmental laws.  Their silly blog post is about one thing and one thing only – attacking EPA at every possible turn.  They are waging a war of words on EPA, and to the Heritage Foundation, logic doesn’t matter – only the war matters.

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