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Hot off the Mic: Rebeka featured on Beyond Toxics podcast

If you read our summer newsletter, you already know that Crag attorney Rebeka Dawit has been working with environmental justice-focused, community-based organizations for over a year to advance legal and policy initiatives at the local and state levels (you can read Rebeka’s newsletter article here).

But did you know that Rebeka was the first environmental justice attorney in all of Oregon? Last month, Rebeka was featured on a podcast hosted by Arjorie Arberry-Baribeault, the West Eugene Community Organizer at Beyond Toxics, a Eugene-based environmental justice organization and long time Crag client. She was joined by Teryn Yazdani, former Crag Legal Fellow, and current Staff Attorney at Beyond Toxics. 

Listen to the full podcast to hear their experience with environmental justice in the environmental movement, the historic and current legacy of environmental racism in West Eugene, the public health protections Beyond Toxics is fighting for, and how each of them started doing the work of environmental justice in the first place. 


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