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Wildfire Response Webinar

WHEN: October 28, 2020 at 7:00 PST
WHAT: Wildfire Webinar
Ralph Bloemers – Crag Law Center, Senior Staff Attorney
Dr. Tim Ingalsbee – Firefighters United for Safety Ethics and Ecology

On October 28 at 7pm, join Crag for a virtual presentation on wildfire from Senior Staff Attorney Ralph Bloemers and Dr. Tim Ingalsbee, Firefighters United for Safety Ethics and Ecology. Learn what we know about the causes of the recent Oregon wildfires, and what we can do to protect our communities, our forests, and our climate in the face of unprecedented change. We’ll discuss firefighting, home safety, forest management, fire ecology — and the legal challenges as well as policy and practical solutions related to these topics. This multimedia presentation builds on years of work in the courtroom and in the forests, and information from top wildfire and climate scientists.