To preserve the diverse ecosystems of the Northwest for future generations, Crag ensures equal access to justice by providing our clients with professional legal services for free or as close to free as possible, implementing a unique model of “legal aid for the environment.” In addition to litigation, Crag helps clients with assistance on mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution, civic participation, campaign strategies, communications, organizing and media relations.  Crag’s partners and clients work to preserve clean air, clean water, and diverse ecosystems for the benefit of local communities, the fish and wildlife inhabiting these places and future generations.

In addition to litigation, Crag assists partners and clients with other forms of nonprofit support as well as mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution.

In response to the needs of local communities, the Crag Law Center has established three main areas of work. Click on each link to explore Crag’s work, including some of our active cases.